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The Difference Between Straw and Hay

For a good and concise summary of the difference between straw and hay, I'm going to pull heavily from Cindy at  She does an excellent job of explaining the difference. Hay is green.  It is harvested fresh before seeding,... Continue Reading →


Goats: A Primer

Oh, who am I to talk about goats anyway?  Is there anything you can't find on the Internet?  Well, use this post as a guide to get an overall idea of who goats are. Goats were the first domesticated animals.... Continue Reading →

Common Goat Illnesses

Does your goat look a little weird?  Acting abnormally?  Take a look at this post to help determine what might be the problem. Here are some things to keep a look out for that may indicate a sign of illness:... Continue Reading →

Goats: Tips and Details

The husband wants goats good at being goats.  Namely, standing on stuff.  Nigerian dwarfs have caught his interest.  Small goats.  Goats he can build a rock wall for.  Weaned but itty, he wants them.  Of the quantity of two.  Its... Continue Reading →

This whole concept of hobby farming stemmed from the idea that the husband wants a pond with fish and ducks, so it seems appropriate to start here.  His image is of Miniature Applewoods, at least one male and female pair.... Continue Reading →

Contributing to Wildlife Success

One of the great things about establishing a pond is it brings to mind the sense of stewardship and ecological conservation.  As addressed in a separate post, good ecology relies on a sustainable system (one that can self-manage).  A sustainable... Continue Reading →

Please no, Horses.

I've mentioned animals we want to raise on our farm, but here are a few we do not have any interest in: Horses While the typical farm icon in a lowly pasture, the horse is a high maintenance animal.  They... Continue Reading →

Animal Family

The pleasure of homegrown and accessible produce aside, one of the biggest reasons for going into this lifestyle is to expand our animal family.  We aren't, like many hobby farmers, looking to raise livestock for production.  Instead, we want to... Continue Reading →

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