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Fencing: Different Kind Of Sport

Suffice it to say, I've looked over a great many fence styles and one particular stands out as meeting our needs.  Our needs are: Keep in goats Keep out predators and deer Define boundaries A fence may encase the perimeter... Continue Reading →


Outbuildings: Basics

Outbuildings are all buildings other than the house and can range from a two story barn to a shed.  They are important for storing fiber, feed, animals, equipment, etc.  If a property does not already have established outbuildings, permits from... Continue Reading →

Determining Farm Size

A simple way to determine the size of the farm is to add up all the requirements and see a tight, minimum requirement. Donkeys (2): 1 acre Alpacas (2): ¼ acre Goats (2-4): ½ - 1 acres Pigs: 500-1000ft² Wood lot: ½ acre... Continue Reading →

Contributing to Wildlife Success

One of the great things about establishing a pond is it brings to mind the sense of stewardship and ecological conservation.  As addressed in a separate post, good ecology relies on a sustainable system (one that can self-manage).  A sustainable... Continue Reading →

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