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Fencing: Different Kind Of Sport

Suffice it to say, I've looked over a great many fence styles and one particular stands out as meeting our needs.  Our needs are: Keep in goats Keep out predators and deer Define boundaries A fence may encase the perimeter... Continue Reading →


Outbuildings: Basics

Outbuildings are all buildings other than the house and can range from a two story barn to a shed.  They are important for storing fiber, feed, animals, equipment, etc.  If a property does not already have established outbuildings, permits from... Continue Reading →

Compost Tea

This post is directly pulled from Organic Hobby Farming by Andy Tomolonis.  Thanks, Andy! How do you make compost even better? by steeping it into microbe-rich compost tea - an organic elixir with the power to make plants stronger, healthier, and... Continue Reading →

The Science of Soil

I'm just going to get right into it: There are three main types of soil: Clay, Sand, and Silt     Above: Clay (left) and Sandy soil (right) Clay Can be formed into a ball Holds water more readily Compost must... Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Straw and Hay

For a good and concise summary of the difference between straw and hay, I'm going to pull heavily from Cindy at  She does an excellent job of explaining the difference. Hay is green.  It is harvested fresh before seeding,... Continue Reading →

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